Lithuanian traditional dress


Here’s a great link to introduce you to Lithuanian culture

with links to the most popular festivals

major holidays

and my new favorite world-renownd, cool, hip accordian player. Really-you’ll be surprised!

P.S. On a personal note, I love the saunas and the mushroom picking,  as well as checking out the restaurant scene in Old Town Vilnius.

Engaging and fun video that gives a good overview to Lithuania:

Camp Neringa, Marlboro, Vermont



Camp Neringa (Neringa Stovykla) is a place near and dear to me. I can honestly say that Neringa is the reason I’m in this position today. I started as a young camper at 9 years old and have been going back ever since! It is an incredible gem, and brings Lithuanian-Americans from around the northeast and beyond every summer.

To learn more: Camp Neringa


Lithuanian-American’s in Vermont

We don’t yet have a registered Lithuanian-American Community, Inc chapter, but would it would be great to have one! If you are of Lithuanian heritage (or would like to hang out with them from time to time) and live in Vermont, please register your contact information here-and you can be notified if something in the state is going on, and if you’d like to take leadership to help start a local LAC, Inc. chapter:

US Resources about Lithuania in English

Embassy of Lithuania– A lot of great information here-from consular to political news

LTU World– a virtual platform to connect the Lithuanian diaspora worldwide. Great, up-to-date information, and a gateway for other sites.

Bridges– A monthly publication of the LAC, it provides interesting stories about Lithuania past and present.  (It’s edited by my friend Terese Vekteris, with food contributions by Jana Sirusaitė Motivans!)

Lithuanian Heritage – A bi-monthly magazine geared toward those of Lithuanian descent on a variety of topics.

Between Shades of Gray– Ruta Sepetys (no, not Fifty Shades of Grey!) This is an internationally acclaimed NY Times best seller is a young adult book about the life of a Lithuanian teenager who is deported to Siberia after World War II. This is a piece of history brought to life in a beautiful, human story and has been translated in to over 27 languages. A must read-or see the Hollywood movie Ashes in the Snow based on the book.

Salt to the Sea-Ruta Sepetys. Her second book about a group of teens during World War II. Many say even better than the first!

Lithuanian Jewish Community in Burlington, Vermont

“Little Jerusalem”, Vermont Public Television’s newest documentary about the state’s history, combines archival images, and interviews with historians and descendants of the original settlers, to tell the little-known story of a traditional Jewish community that thrived in Burlington’s Old North End from the 1880s to the 1940s. Most of these settlers came to Burlington, Vermont, from Lithuania in the late 19th century. See the video.

Lost Shul Mural

In 1910 the interior of Chai Adam synagogue in Burlington, VT was gloriously painted from ceiling to floor by Ben Zion Black, who was brought from Lithuania by the congregation to paint the synagogue in the prevalent style of the wooden shuls of Eastern Europe. Decades later the synagogues in Burlington merged and the Chai Adam building was sold several times before ultimately being converted into apartment units. Much of the painting was destroyed during the renovation but the mural over the ark was covered by a wall and forgotten until 2012 when the Lost Shul Mural was uncovered for the first time in nearly thirty years. The Lost Shul Mural is a remnant of the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, transplanted to the US by a Jewish immigrant artist. It may be the only surviving example of its type which adorned an American synagogue sanctuary. To learn more about this important project, see: Lost Shul Mural.

 Here is a good link to learn more about the  Jewish Community of Lithuania.

 A Little Fun…

And I love Lithuanian’s fun and quirky sense of humor- don’t take yourself too seriously! (Thanks Inculto for representing Lithuania at the Eurvision Song Contest 2010)